Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dinner menu


Lemongrass Soup    4/6 
lemongrass, galangal, kafir leaves, tamarind,
and lime juice in a Thai-herb broth

Coconut Milk Soup 4/6
shallots, tomatoes, galangal, lemongrass, 
kafir leaves, and lime juice in a coconut milk broth

Mild Soup                4/6
bean-thread noodles in a seasonal vegetable broth

Thai Rice Soup        4/6 
scented jasmine rice, scallions and cilantro

with chicken+1 shrimp+3 seafood+5


Papaya Salad             6.5 
green papaya, carrots, and peanuts
tossed with a chili-lime dressing

Vegan Salad              6.5
mixed greens, cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes, 
carrots, and onions finished with a peanut dressing

Tofu Salad                   8
steamed tofu with watercress and carrots 
over mixed greens with a chili-lime dressing

Calamari Salad             8.5
grilled calamari with peppers, onions, scallions, 
cilantro, and mint over mixed greens
tossed in a chili-lime dressing

Thai Beef Salad          9
grilled sliced steak with tomatoes, cucumbers, 
peppers, onions, scallions, cilantro, and mint 
tossed in a chili-lime dressing

Duck Salad                10  
seared sliced duck with peppers, cashews, 
tomatoes, onions, scallions, cilantro, and mint
tossed in a chili lime dressing


Crispy Tofu                                 5
with a sweet chili sauce

Crab Rangoon                            6
lump crab and curried cream cheese
with a sweet plum sauce

Vegetable Dumplings                7
ginger-spiced leeks with a soy vinaigrette

Crab & Pork Dumplings            7
pan fried with minced pork, lump crab, and vermicelli
with a soy vinaigrette

Crispy Calamari                         7
with a sweet & spicy chili sauce

Tofu Corn Fritters                     7.5
with sides of citrus aioli and warm tomato compote

Seitan or Chicken Satay           8
with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

Spring Rolls                                5
cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, and glass noodles
with a sweet plum sauce
with chicken +1

Summer Rolls                            5
lettuce, cucumbers, vermicelli noodles,
basil, and chives wrapped in rice paper 
with a sweet chili-peanut sauce 
with tofu or shrimp +1

Thai Rolls                                    6
minced pork, black mushrooms, carrots, cabbage,
and shallots wrapped in rice paper 
with a sweet plum sauce

Cheesesteak Rolls                     6
rib-eye steak and sautéed onions 
with American and Provolone cheeses

Vegetarian Cheesesteak Rolls 6.5
seitan, charred long hots, and American cheese
with spicy ketchup

Stir Fry

Pad Kaprow                    9 
with thai basil, peppers, onions, and green beans

Eggplant                          9
with bamboo shoots, peppers, sweet & spicy sauce

Cashew                         10
with cashews, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, 
peppers, onions, and scallions with a sweet chili paste

General Thai Chicken  10
stir fried chicken with pineapple, peppers, and onions

Fried Rice

Fried Rice                        9
with tomatoes, onions, peas, and carrots

Garlic Basil                   10
with peppers, onions, and sweet basil

Pineapple                      10
with curry paste, tomatoes, onions, peas, carrots, 
raisins, and cashews

Crab                              15 
with lump crab, tomatoes, onions, peas, and carrots

Rice Noodles

Pad Thai                          9
with bean sprouts, peanuts, carrots, chives,
and garnished with mango served 
with a sweet & spicy tamarind sauce

Pad See Ew                     9
with broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and bean sprouts 
served with a sweet soy sauce

Pad Kee Mow               10 
with seasonal vegetables, garlic, chilies, and thai basil

with tofu-chicken-pork +1 with beef+2 shrimp+3


Red                        12
with bamboo, peppers, and sweet basil

Pineapple              12
with pineapple, bell peppers, and scallions

Green                    12
with eggplant, peppers, bamboo shoots, 
and sweet basil

Pumpkin                12
with Kabocha pumpkin, bell peppers, 
and sweet basil

Panang                  12
with peppers, snow peas, and carrots

Massaman            12
with potatoes, onions, peanuts, 
and Asian aromatics

with tofu-chicken-pork +1 with beef +2 shrimp +3


Thai Burrito          13
grilled seitan, curry rice and edamame purée 
with seasonal greens

Seared Tofu          13
marinated tofu seared with peppercorns 
in a miso broth served with mashed potatoes
and seasonal greens

Curry Duck            14
braised duck leg in a curry sauce with
peppers, tomatoes, pineapples, and cashews

Salmon Pad Thai  15
stir fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, 
peanuts, carrots, and chives served 
with a sweet & sour tamarind sauce

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